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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
I don't like Nolan's style that brings to Batman, so I cannot suggest anything that would change to make them better.

Maybe if the script was tightened up a lot and many useless characters and subplots deleted it might have been more coherent. In that case I would eliminate Robin, Catwoman, the police guy played by Matthew Modine, and a bunch of other useless characters. I would give the Catwoman role to Talia. Make Dagget a Max Schreck like villain representing the evil corporate interests of Gotham City (instead what we got was just some douchebag). Don't have Batman retiring, that's just dumb. Get rid of the 'Harvey Dent Act' because that doesn't make sense (how is there no more crime?). Give Bane back his Venom, instead of painkillers (LAME). Don't have Batman fake his death. Show more of the anarchy in Gotham.

A bunch of things, really. Most everything was done wrong in this movie..
Thanks for the post. At least you'll always have the Schumacher films...

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