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Default Re: Who was the best robin?


You are confusing the impact of the character of Carrie Kelley and the impact of the graphic novel itself.

In that book, it could have been any character as Robin, and the story itself would have been just as seminal. She was nothing "genius" or amazing. Just a sassy teenage girl who wanted to be Robin.

I'm sorry, but one story being reprinted over and over does not out weigh the characters of Dick and Tim being in constant publication in different, new stories for decades.

The Dark Knight Returns is not in "constant publication". It is reprinted every 5 or so years. Tim Drake's Robin was in constant publication, with multiple appearances each month for more than 15 years. Dick Grayson, even longer. Their impact is FAR greater. Dick Grayson was the REASON Carrie Kelley even existed in the first place. He is the "holy grail" of side kicks...the first, the original. And as a character, Tim has been much more fleshed out than Carrie Kelley was. But again, that is to be expected...he's been around for almost 20 years and in 100's of stories.

(also, is there really a need to post all these pictures of her with each post?)


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