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Default Re: Who was the best robin?

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post
Can't recall anyone forgetting that there was a Tim Drake or a Dick Grayson.
Really thats your argument? I mean honestly? You're going to cling on how someone who forgot Kelley will make your argument any better?

Look at this way. How many people do you think... who don't regularly buy comics, but got trades such as Watchmen or TDKR, know about Carrie than Tim Drake? Sure Tim Drake was in BTAS cartoon, but still how many trades do you think people have with Tim Drake Robin, compared to say: Dick Grayson or the 2 trades which Kelley is in.

I mean, we're all cool for each liking their own Robin, but you can't deny the facts how much impact Carrie put. Especially the thoughts Dennis O'Neill must have had on "okay... How to make the 3rd Robin into a success?"

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