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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
His whole arc centers around two characters who have the incredibly unlikeable power of shrinking. He's a great villain (albeit a bit one note), but I have doubts that Ant-Man can break 100 M domestic. The power isn't marketable at all. Why would you center an Avengers film around such an unmarketable character in Ant-Man, just to keep to comic book Canon? Make Stark and Banner his co-creator, so he at least ties into characters who Avengers 1 viewers will care about.
I agree with you about putting Ultron's arc on all the Avengers, and not focusing on Pym, I feel that. I would never put Pym square in the center of an Avengers movie. I don't think that Ant-Man's powers are the death knell you describe. They have some comical associations, and can easily be cheesy, like Cap's uniform, but they can be developed into cool things if the script is smart. He's less marketable, sure, but he's not unmarketable, not by a long shot.

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