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Default Re: X-MEN at #20 in 'The32 MostSuccessful MovieFranchises OfAllTime'

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
some numbers and positions of the wikipedia article doesnt match with totalfilm list and neither with boxofficemojo.

Some franchises must be missing in wikipedia if X-Men is at #20 in Totalfilm and #15 in wikipedia.

edited: Ive just seen that wikipedia doesnt include some franchises like Rocky and some others. So the list isnt correct.
Huh what? Don't tell me the Rocky films grossed over 1.5 billion WW. Its domestic box-office gross is just under 600 million.

-The Wolverine's gross is not counted in Total film's article.
-TotalFilm's added all the box-office grosses of Alien films, Predator films, AVP films and Prometheus.
-According to Totalfilm, Jurassic Park's current earnings are 2,942,610,014 but thats incorrect according to Box-Office Mojo's tally. Jurassic Park 1 earned 1,023,553,882 while Jurassic Park 2 earned less than 650 million and Jurassic Park 3 earned less than 400 million.
-Looking at Box-Office Mojo, Jaws got 470 million WW, Jaws 2 got 187m WW, Jaws 3 got 87.9m WW and Jaws 4 got 51.8 WW. Add those up and it will not reach 1 billion. While Total Film listed that Jaws earned 2.9 billion!
-Indiana Jones didn't get over 3.5 billion. According to Box-Office Mojo, Indy 4 got 786 million WW, Indy 3 got 474 million WW, Indy 2 got 333 million WW and Indy 1 got 390 million WW (the two re-releases are counted with that.

TotalFilm totally got it wrong.

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