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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

I would think if she had never been in the house, young Charles would've been alot more shocked to see her...

it did take him a minute to realize that something was a miss..
(I kinda got the impression that he was probably over joyed to see her home, wishful think on his part, that maybe his mom was really being that nice to him for a change...) so, as I said it seemed like she wasn't around much, tho

plus, he managed to get away with hiding Raven all those years in the house
(unless he just brainwashed them in to thinking they had a daughter, too lol)

I was probably way off on thinking that she could've been faking the voice, without him noticing right away... tho, her over all speak pattern could've been a clue, that something a wrong
(even if she had heard a sample of her voice, enough to mimic it, she wouldn't know all her mannerisms)

Originally Posted by merbass View Post
He picked up that there was someone in the house (burglar), so it would be easy for him to pick up others like him.
he was able to pick up someone, but, obviously wasn't able to identify who it was... he was probably alone in the house at that point, with most the staff gone for the night, and believing his mother (and step father) had already left for the night as well... he wasn't expecting anyone to be there... but, if she was hiding out during the day, while the staff was around, and his presents still there, it would of masked her presence a little more

tho, of course this is all just in theory…???
(I have no idea what the thought process behind this scene was for the writes/director (if anything)

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