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Default Re: Representation in Marvel

I honestly don't care whether a character is male, female, lesbian, black, hispanic, or what have you. Just tell a good story.

When it comes to women in comics, I hate how sexualized they can be. Marvel's come strides since the 90s but you still see it at times. I was very happy to see Carol Danver's and Wanda's new looks.

I'll say this though... there are more black, hispanic, gay, and lesbian characters at Marvel than decently portrayed Protestant Christian characters. I've always wanted to see a character with strong Christian values that I could relate to and there isn't a prominate one to be found. Nightcrawler was the best example, as a Catholic, but he's been dead and gone for a while. Wolfesbane is likely next, also Catholic, but I don't feel like her faith is handled well most times. If there is a religious character with decent portrayal they're usually Catholic or Jewish, neither of which I relate to. If there's a Christian character or story, they're oftentimes portrayed as the bad guy, which is enfuriating.

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