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Default Re: Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
Holy Cat-thongs, Batman! Why hasnt noone told me about Neal Adams and Frank Miller's upcoming Batman: Odyssey mini?!?!

6-8 issues long.
Sneak Peek
Possible CGI Promotion for Odyssey

Dan Didio hints the serie:

Ah Batman and guns. The perfect combonation. <3

Sunday Morning with Neal Adams

Interview with Neal Adams:

Older Interview with Neal Adams:

So let's wrap this up:
Pencils: Neal Adams
Story: Neal Adams
Inks: Various
Dialogue: Frank Miller.

Looking good. Ofcourse some people will now make jokes about "Dick Grayson. Age Twelve" but this isn't Miller's comic so the editor can't just be okay with Miller doing his own gig and i doubt Miller would put his own Batman for Neal's work.
Looks pretty good. Just when I thought I was out of the comics world, they pull me back in. . . . .

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