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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Just to try and get back to the subject of the thread, since it's now a bit hijacked (sorry). I'll ask what I asked in the another character thread. What do you want to see for Thor in Thor 2?

Definitely want another flashback with Thor and Loki as Teens/kids, showing their relationship growing up.

Would love to see or at least hear how he won Mjolnir in the first place. How old was he, and after what great triumph was he presented with it.

More on his relationship with Odin now after the events of Thor and Avengers. Plus I want to find out why he has not now been given Asgard, (if that's the case) now that he seems to have proven himself worthy.

Sif/Thor - 'nuff said.

that's all for now for me, anybody else?

Edit: and thank you for your thoughts American Maid, I will take them into consideration.

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