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Default Re: Uncle Ben's Killer

Now I want to watch this movie again as well haha. Out of the 4 movies this one has been the most rewarding watching over again. I enjoyed the movie in the theater and uncover some new subtlety each time I see it.

Where as Spider-Man 2 was an instant classic I couldn't possibly like more than I already do. Spider-Man 3, I loved in upon first viewing, really resonated with me. The flaws that I used to gloss over are just to blatant.

Like deleted scenes developing the Sandman's character. An extra 5 minutes and the character becomes so much more relevant. Or the fact that he pulled the trigger on Uncle Ben. Why even go there? Marko being involved is interesting, but just making him the hesitant accomplice in the car jacking is enough. They could've said Marko made a break for it after the Thief and Spider-Man went into the warehouse. And you wouldn't lose the movies forgiveness theme, which I enjoyed (Yes even Peter letting Sandman go) but without the extra insight into Marko it falls flat. Or the infamous Butler confesses to Harry scene. Raimi could've just OMITTED that drinker altogether, and then you have Harry showing up to the Battle Royal on his own accord. Just seeing Peter genuinely ask Harry for help and then Harry's big entrance would've been a much better end to his story. Instead of his crusty old Butler telling him some BS years too late, showing us what didn't need to be said or shown, Harry would have jumped to his ONLY friends aid, as if to say, "Yeah my Dad is dead but he was a murdering psycho who treated me like a jerk, and Peter and MJ who actually gave a crap, need me! I forgive Pete for blowing up half my face and just being in the room while my dumb ass dad shanked himself." (Another way to make the forgiveness them have more resonance.)

But really that's enough of SM3 I'm sure every fan has a few things they would do different with that movie. We should all post the plots we envisioned for SM3 after walking out of SM2 haha.

Back to ASM, after watching the deleted scenes I can't believe they made the same mistake from SM3, cutting out scenes that develop the villain! All of Ifan's scenes should've been in the movie! Actually this is my one complaint about the film, and I didn't even have this issue till getting the BR. The scene with the Lizard talking to himself about his strength, teeth and claws was like peering into his Reptilian Brain...just a more clever scene than hearing the voice in his head, which was to similar to Norman Osborn's in SM1. The scene's with Connor's visiting Peter at his home after Uncle Ben's death was great. And visiting Billy at his bus stop. The lack of Connor's family was a real missed opportunity, it is surprising Webb overlooked the parallel's possible with the Parker's and Connor's and fatherhood and neglect.

I mean, I can see not having a lot of exposition on those 2 extra characters (Mrs. Connor's and Billy), it would take away screen time from more important things, but they could've added a lot more weight to Connor's. Though if they (absurdly) cut Ifan's own scenes his family's scenes were doomed. I always thought, "How hard would it have been" to have Mrs. Connors answer the door when Peter went over his house, just so we know now family exists. Or a shot of his family watching the news report of Connor's arrest.

I have no complaints about the lack of Dr. Ratha's extra scenes, or any allusion to Richard experimenting on Peter. The untold story is Peter's relationship with his Parents. In AMS 1 the search has just started, Peter has barely learned about his father's work, and learned why his Father kept so many secrets, because they were dangerous. I'm glad they are saving the next part of that untold story for the sequel. The deleted scene that showed Spider-Man finding Connors and they're subsequent conversation is another that should've been included in the film, but I'd have preferred it to cut after Lizard blindsides Spidey, we don't need to see Ratha pop up for a split second, lay some mumbo jumbo on Peter and get wasted. I assumed he was dead after the bridge anyway. I personally don't want any Any Lee-esque father experimenting on son, but its wise to save those new questions about Peer's parents for the next movie instead of cramming in one or two sentences here.

(I apologize for the wall of text I try to keep my posts brief...I could talk Spidey all day.)

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