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Originally Posted by Just one more View Post
I just see it as implausible that he wasn't able to catch the killer that night. He got a pretty damn good look at him in the store and Uncle Ben does die relatively quickly (as opposed to Trinity's ten minute death scene in Matrix Revolutions). I mean the whole point was that he had enough control of his powers to stop the guy but chose not to so why couldn't he find him when he clearly could not have gotten very far away.
How would he have been able to find him? He heard a gunshot go off, went to look what happened and found Uncle Ben on the ground. Then immediately tried to stop the bleeding. At this point he didn't know who did it, not until he got home and got a picture from the Police Officer.

And even if he knew that it was the guy he let go, he could have wandered off in any direction. In Raimi's Spider-Man, he was only able to catch the thief, because he was already chased down by the Cops in Uncle Ben's car. So he wasn't that hard to follow.

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