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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
As in no one from the Avengers movie. But he also said that IM3 definitely kicks off Phase 3 and that there will be easter eggs in it that you could miss on the first viewing. The GA doesn't know who Janet is. Us comic bookers do but as for everyone else no. I mean it just makes sense with A.I.M. being in the movie and the ties between Janet and Hank and A.I.M.
What ties between Janet and Hank and AIM?
I've read the Avengers since the 1970s, and I assure you that Janet and Hank and AIM have never had "ties," other than the usual run-ins with them as part of the whole Avenger team.

Plus, "easter eggs" aren't the same thing as "cameos." Could we see a SHIELD file or something that mentions Pym or Janet? Sure. A full-fledged cameo? No. I strongly doubt Feige was prevaricating when he said there'd be NO Avengers in IM3. Past, present, or future. IM3 is supposed to be Tony's time to shine, and will focus on *his* mythos only, not the Avenger mythos.


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