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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So WB not caring about anything but money makes them useless F's, but Nolan not caring about anything but money wouldn't?
If Nolan is only doing this for money and not because he's found a way to fit his Batman with Cavil's and not tarnish the character arc of his trilogy, then my opinion of him obviously sinks. But, considering their histories, I am more hesitant to call Nolan "useless F' than WB. And as I've already said, WB is quite useless regardless of whatever Nolan is doing or not doing, not by failing to make money, they can make money, and since I don't get a share, I also really don't care that they can make money. No, they are useless because they are being shamed by marvel every step of the way on how to translate comic book characters to the big screen.

All I'm saying is that if Nolan and Bale are involved you should apply your critique across the board.
And I will, as I hear more on this development. As of this moment Bruce's character arc is in serious jeopardy of being tossed completely aside unless Nolan has found a way not to. But considering my respect of the man, I will see if this is truly a case of naked greed or not.

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