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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
It has to evolve, but it should still keep the depth and themes that give it an advantage over Avengers and other Marvel Studios stuff.

The thing is that other comic book adaptations have now left X-Men in the dust in many ways. Look at the box office of the Spider-Man films (even the worst one made $890 million), the Avengers and the Dark Knight Saga. Those were big-scale event movies.

You don't get the same sense of scale and spectacle from the X-Men films. They're always hiding away in mansions, islands, forests, underground lairs. It's time to take it to the streets!

Part of the problem is the expensive cast, so they have to find a way around that. I don't know how much Robert Downey Jr earns but I doubt it's as much as Jackman's $20 million a movie. He should be doing these films for much less. I mean, what does a person keep doing with $20 million pay checks? Once you've received one payment of $20 million, why do you need more payments of $20 million? It's like winning the lottery and demanding that you keep winning the lottery. These massive salaries are using up budget that could be paying for better special effects and location shooting.

RDJ's Avengers paycheck trumps anything Jackman has ever made doing X-Men. I'll just say that.

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