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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Yeah, nothing really to be disappointed about yet. Maybe concerns, but I think after the hype of the announcement wound down the faults of the franchise have had time to come back into play. Alot of fans who weren't happy with a number of things just want something new and more accurate without Singer. He may have not been responsible for some of the terrible choices, but everything has revolved around his X world for awhile and another decade of that may not look that good to alot of people.

Post X2 Singer hasn't exactly had the best film career, and since he now has this franchise fully in his grip more then ever, I don't think there is any way he will let it go unless this thing is a huge flop. So it's either more OT or FC for a fairly long time imo.

I'd be cool with either a reboot or more of these films, as long as DOFP is good and they stop wasting characters. Hopefully this film makes a clear path for future films cause that's really what they need.
True and quite possible. My hope is that, if Singer does stay involved with this franchise, he's learned a few things since X2. He's talked quite a bit about expanding the X-Men universe in recent interviews, so let's hope that's the case and that he's not quite as hung up on Jackman's Wolverine as he seemingly used to be.

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
Van Helsing, anyone? He even made a joke about that movie in his solo show.

And Australia was a bomb. Although I liked that movie, and it provided one the best moments in that same solo show.

He was also in that Movie 43 for some reason. Even I didn't see that one.

The Fountain tanked as well, because people are stupid.

He's a huge star on Broadway. He could get on stage and sing the phone book for two hours and it would sell out for six months in advance.

Les Miserables is really the first movie he's done outside of the X-Men movies that's been a huge box office success.

Even as poorly received as Origins was (and being readily available online a month before it opened), it still did $373 worldwide. It's a bad movie, but it didn't flop at the box office.
Agreed. Jackman's had his share of low grossing movies outside of the X-Men franchise, but he's proven to be a bankable Wolverine which is why Fox is willing to pay him as much as the studio does.

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