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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
TASM made $750 million worldwide, which is about half of what The Avengers made. Domestic money isn't that more important than foreign money. A studio spends lots of money on advertisement over here in NA too, sometimes even more than they do overseas. There have also been cases where movies bombed in the US but the studios were saved financially due to money from overseas. There are also places overseas that don't require any more advertisement than in the US. For example, Spider-Man is almost or just as big in Japan as he is over here. But for the sake of argument though, let's assume that that is true. Even then, 623 divided by 262 is about 2.4, which is still almost about half of what The Avengers did. That is still quite impressive. You also have to consider that TASM had a handicap while TA didn't. TASM had to carry the burden of being a reboot, of being the first Spider-Man film after one that left a bad taste in people's mouths not too that long ago, as well as the burden of coming out in the same summer as 2 movies that have been hyped for a long time and have been part of an already established franchise (Avengers and TDKR). When you consider those factors working against TASM, the amount it did is even more impressive. Look at how much the average Spider-Man movie makes when it doesn't have those factors there (TASM 2 will probably do more as well).

Technically, there isn't that huge of a competition between Marvel and Sony. Both studios have came out and said that they have a good relationship. Second, money used for marketing is often an expense. It is money that studios invest to promote the movie in hope that the movie and its related products do well (box office, DVD sales, any movie related merchandise, etc.). Third, Marvel makes a good amount of money from the merchandising as well. It wouldn't be a smart move for them either to hinder Spider-Man merchandise which leads to hindering Spider-Man money in favor of Captain America money. Fourth, Marvel handles the Spider-Man advertising just as much as Sony does and as proven by the advertising from last year, they made sure to advertise the crap out of the film to the point where it almost spoiled the whole film for us much like how they pull the same BS every year with whatever MCU movie they make. Heck, the fact that TASM came out the same summer as Marvel's biggest crown jewel (The Avengers) didn't really seem to stop them from bombarding us with advertisement left and right.
almost is not half, spiderman 3 made 890 million worldwide and being a reboot was an INTENTIONAL burden that sony placed on its own film, which did backfire. 262 million is hardly impressive when when you look at where tasm sits all time in relation the the first 3 movies (#62, sm1, 14, sm2 21 and sm3 26) what movie has gotten a sequel that has bombed DOMESTICALLY and had success overseas? investments are made with the hope of a return, the advertising for tasm was from sony, and that was before disney took over merchandising rights, so i doubt VERY seriously that disney paid for any of that? and if sony is NOT willing to play ball with disney than it would be a very smart move to not promote tasm2. fox is unwilling to play ball and they get dick for advertising the x-men movies, merchandise and tie-ins cover advertising and without them studios LOSE money.

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