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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by animex View Post
i never knew the question was asked, but here you go.....

Godzilla fans have always wanted one thing and one thing only: a WELL done big budget Godzilla movie, and sorry but that abortion of a film that master hack Emmerich made was not even close, hell, it wasn't even Godzilla. it was a big mutated pussy iguana. Godzilla doing 400-500 million domestically is NOT out of the question, and comparisons to King Kong are B.S. the Kong movie was a straight re-make with updated effects, Edwards movie will NOT re-tell the original story, it is going to be a fresh take. now overseas numbers could easily eclipse 600 million, if the movie is THAT good. Godzilla's popularity goes without saying. one google search will prove that and Godzilla has his own star in Hollywood and unless i'm mistaken he is the only NON-American fictional character to receive such an honor.
Fan following does not equate to box office smash. Do you think Godzilla is more widely known than Superman? Do you think Man of Steel will even come close to approaching $1 billion?

I agree "that abortion of a film" in 1999 was absolutely terrible. Just like Batman and Robin, a movie whose reboot suffered substantially because of it's failures. And Superman Returns a movie whose reboot is bound to suffer because of its failures (we can follow up on this in a month).

And Godzilla (unlike King Kong) doesn't even have the benefit of a famous director. He is a nobody. Nor for that matter, a single A list actor. Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe eh...? B+ list at best.

Now I'm quite certain the movie will be good, possibly even great. But over $1 billion? You sticking with that answer?

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