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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Backfired in what way? The movie still made a heck of a lot of money, more than even the first 2 Iron Man films, and got good critical praise. It did make a little less than the previous ones but that is irrelevant when it comes to reboots. The general rule about reboots is that the success of the second film in the reboot is always what determines whether or not the reboot was a success in the first place because the first film always carries the burden of being a reboot and of being the first film after a bad film with the same character. This was the same case with Batman Begins and will be the case with Man of Steel. The purpose of the first film was to reestablish the character on the big screen. It will be the success of the second film that makes or breaks the franchise, much like how TDK was always meant to be the determining film in whether or not the Batman reboot was a success in the first place.,0

Disney took over the merchandising rights back in 2010 when Sony first announced they would reboot Spidey. Sony sold those rights and the TV rights to Spidey to get an extension on the movie rights. Marvel/Disney doesn't have the merchandising rights for Fox's properties, so the horrendous advertisement is almost entirely on Fox. Sony not being willing to play ball with Marvel/Disney at this point is irrelevant because it's been shown that they are very willing to do just that (Oscorp Tower cameo in Avengers, the ESU shirt in Item 47, the Oscorp logo in the Iron Man 3 game, both studios coming out and stating they have a good relationship, etc.).

the general rule about reboots???? and you site one example!, hardly a rule.

disney took over merch rights 4th quarter 2011, by then tasm was all but a rap, and the ad campaign and merchandise was locked. so irrelevant. fox owns movie rights only. nothing else. and please give one legitimate example of a movie bombing domestically and succeeding overseas that got a sequel? and until spiderman appears in avengers 2. i reserve judgement.

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