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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by animex View Post
the general rule about reboots???? and you site one example!, hardly a rule.
Every single reboot based on a Marvel/DC character has had that happen to them so far. Name me one reboot that didn't suffer the reboot curse. The second film in the franchise is always the one that determines if the reboot was a success in the first place.

Plus, Sony has even come out and said that TASM did better than they thought it would.

disney took over merch rights 4th quarter 2011, by then tasm was all but a rap, and the ad campaign and merchandise was locked. so irrelevant. fox owns movie rights only. nothing else.
Sony sold the merchandising rights at the start of 2010 to get an extension on the movie rights. And I'm pretty sure Fox does have the merchandising rights.

and please give one legitimate example of a movie bombing domestically and succeeding overseas that got a sequel?
See links I posted. They don't bring up any movies specifically but they do disprove your point that domestic money is far more important than worldwide money overall. One part in the first article I linked even says at one point that studios make about 66% of their revenue from overseas.

I can't really think of a movie that was saved overseas and got a sequel but there are a few movies I can name that bombed in the US but made enough money overseas for the studio to get their budget amount back. Dragonball Evolution is an example of this.

and until spiderman appears in avengers 2. i reserve judgement.
Fair enough.

but you forget something, GODZILLA is the movie, GODZILLA is the draw. tasm will need big names to carry it, GODZILLA IS the big name....and by the way, Commodus dies in the end.
Are you kidding me? You're seriously trying to argue that just the name "Godzilla" alone will draw people into theatres but that the name "Spider-Man" alone won't? Spider-Man is a lot more iconic than Godzilla, though both are really iconic. Godzilla doesn't even have half the draw he used to. Most folks who remember him are adults, the kids won't have reason to come except for the big lizard and explosions. Spider-Man is massive worldwide, and believe it or not insanely so in Japan. Almost as much as Gojira, Supah Sentai, Kamen Rider, etc.

How I rate movies:

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