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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
If they announced a Cap/Ironman/Hulk film tmr, I'm curious if there would be anything but cheers from the fans. In fact most of what I see when people talk marvel is cross over excitement: "can't wait till the guardians crossover into avengers, if only wolverine could show up in avengers if only marvel had spiderman then he could mean tony...etc"

WB get's into the crossover game, and it's met with massive negativity. Will BatmanvsSuperman have enough character development with two characters? People keep asking. It certainly has a better shot of it than Age of Ultron with it's half dozen. But then again, people pick and choose when they want to care about things.
That's because Marvel's crossovers were earned and DC's upcoming crossover feels more or less imposed. There's a difference. The central characters in Age Of Ultron are already developed, which allows them to focus more on story.

The MOS sequel is gonna have to overcome a lot of legwork, and that includes juggling a small handful of characters who've yet to be introduced and/or fully developed... including even it's main character, Superman.

There's plenty of cause for concern, as if the first MOS movie wasn't enough.

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