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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
^ Yeah, I have a feeling some of the parents will be traumatized by the one use, while not being bothered the amount of fighting and mayhem-that's not a spoiler!
What?! No! You've spoilt the entire movie for me.

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
These are reviews and opinions I can read and trust.

I had a feeling there might be some special language here and there. I'm ok with it personally.

I know kids hear worse at school from other kids who have parents with foul mouths.

As long as the parents who take their little ones to see this movie educate them on proper and improper word use that they are allow to use, it should be ok.

I'm so looking forward to this thing I can taste it!
Agree with you 100% on that. I think it is a parents duty to do so.

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