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Default Vin Diesel Theroy

It has been a super long time since I have posted anything but the rush of Comi-Com stuff this past week has me all worked up.

I'm especially curious to see who Vin is playing. I think Vin is a pretty strong actor of his archetype. For a screen heavy/muscle he can hold his own and just completely oozes charisma and seems to have chemistry with anyone he shares the screen with. He's not gonna win an Academy Award but I think he'd be perfect in MCU where a larger than life personality is more valuable than straight acting chops (why Chris Pratt seems like the perfect fit in MCU).

It's heavily rumored he is playing Vision or voicing Groot or Rocket Racoon. and I don't love this idea. If he ends up being Vision I will be cool with it cause I like Vin....but I think there are better fits out there. Vision is a role that I think will require a little more subdued performance, and while I think Vinny can pull it off it's not playing to his strengths being that he can completely lighten up the screen with his cocky smile and command your attention with his booming voice.

Groot again, I don't love. I don't think you sign up Vin to play an animated character. I could kinda see him being Rocket Racoon because I think that role would be able to showcase his personality, but again I think there are better roles for Vin and better choices for RR.

I think he could be a good Luke Cage, Sub-Mariner, maybe even Nova...there are a bunch of heroes I think he could pull off but I'm gonna give you my PREDICTION that I don't think has been discussed.

Kevin Feige said Vin's role they are discussing is a "Ways down the road" if it gets too it, which is the echo of another character in MCU: Thanos.

It sounds like Thanos will have a "puppet master" role but not the forefront villain of GOTG and similarly with other Phase 2 movies...but it now appears they are saving him for A3.

I think they are think Vinny for Thanos consider some stats:
1) Vin has a great voice for a Titan villain, that dark graspy voice would be perfect for a god-like entity of evil.

2)Vin is an incredible physical actor who could realistically go to town in a fight between him and Hemsworth, which is important.

3) Vin is box office draw. I get the impression Vin is worth 100 million to a movie, being that even if the movie blows it will likely get to 100 million because people like Vin. If it's good the sky is the limit like Fast and Furious franchise (and note the box office difference between movies with and without Vin). Putting him in GOTG would be a safe move to guarantee at least it doesn't bomb out, even if it doesn't find it's audience. and Vin's inclusion in Avengers 3 alongside RDJ, Sam Jackson etc would be the action movie cast of a life time

4) Considering the level of screen presence in these Avengers movies they need someone to play Thanos that can go toe-to-toe with Robert Downey Jr and not get every scene stolen. Thanos can't be a peripheral character who bows to another character because it's cool....he's the forefront threat of MCU, the narrative thread that ties everything together...he's a big deal, and on screen he needs an actor who can command his own scenes and have on screen presence even when he shares it with RDJ

5) they need an actor worthy of signing a big 3-6 picture deal and weave in and out of these movies like Sam Jackson with Fury


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