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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

  • Start where MOS left off.
  • Don't leave the causulties/collateral damage go unaddressed. Mention that Superman spent day and night afterward searching for survivors to take to the hospital.
  • Develop Lois/Perry/Daily Planet
  • This INCLUDES the real Jimmy Olsen. Introduce him as an intern or something :P
  • Develop Clark Kent
  • Show the world's reaction to Superman. MOS kind of started that way, but it was then traded for more scifi battles and Kryptonian dialog.
  • Which implies a real-world atmosphere. Keep it realistic-until a supervillain shows up.
  • Then have that superpowered enemy be stylized and bring the genre to life
  • This means bringing in a supervillain that can drop in and out of the plot at any time.
  • As to not have the villain take over the story and overpower the character development
    • Let Lex be a "hidden villain/secret mastermind" Do everything in your power to throw the audience off (full name, nice demeaner). Hair couldn't hurt
      • Let Batman's role be minor, but important, enhancing the themes of MOS2
      • Batman will get his sequel. Let Clark have his movie.
      • I like the idea of Superman being framed by Lex, and Batman going after Batman to contain this threat.
      • In regards to the fight, Batman should TOTALLY wear a robo suit.
      • But this should not be his normal costume.
      • The fight should take place at night. Stalemate is optimal, but if someone DOES win, it should be Superman.
      • Most people want Batman to team up with Superman to take down the villains.
      • I personally think Batman should leave Metropolis, knowing he failed his mission, but gained an ally.
      • Note I didn't say FRIEND. I want a sequel to explore them becoming friends.
      • Have Superman physically take on the henchman/prominent villain (I want Metallo) and confront Lex, but only using his words this time.
      • I want Lex to escape the legal system. It makes him seem smarter, and adds a dark edge. And he can team up with a greater villain (Brainiac)for the sequel. And I want the immediate sequel to be a TRUE Superman/Batman movie.
      • Lois should totally reprise her more investigative role.
      • More Ma Kent scenes couldn't hurt.
      • I think there should be about one or two flashbacks of Pa Kent, with Kent teaching EXTREMELY moral lessons to Clark.
      • This can allow audiences to appreciate him more
      • Kind of like Uncle Ben in Spider-Man 2. Have him take up no more then three minutes of screen-time, but that's really what it would take to reform his image (I hope)
      • Okay, I totally want MOS2 to be a more dramatic Sm2

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