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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer!

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Granted, we don't know for certain until the movie comes out, but it's amusing to me that according to his interviews Joss Whedon's approach to Avengers 2 is the exact opposite. First movie was big and epic and 'splosion-y? The sequel's going to be smaller in scale and more focused on character driven drama.
He's said that before. His attitude to sequels is to go smaller, not bigger.

Buffy season 2 was in many ways smaller, Spike didn't want to destroy the world the way the master did, he was not as physically strong as the master, and he did not command an army. The war was entirely more meaningful because Buffy and Angel had fallen in love, and because Angelus and Spike had been friends a hundred years prior.

The same is true of Angel season 2. They brought in: Darla.

I have fairly high hopes for Avengers 2.

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