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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

The only reason Talia got out of the Pit was because of Bane. So he was capapble of escaping, but instead chose to let Talia make it out. In Knightfall, Bane seemed to use Bird, Trog, and Zombi to take control of the mob. Here, he was intimately involved in shutting Gotham off from the rest of the country. That is a noteable improvement from Knightfall.

I do like Bane's deaths-head mask from the comics. However I prefer the armored vest his movie incarnation had. The comics outfit is just asking for someone to snipe him.

Bane was in Gotham to usher in a new era of Western civilization. He said as much. Recall that Ra's threw Bane away after he rescued him. A welcome sideffect of his scheme was proving Ra's wrong. Proving himself to be the better son/heir than Bruce (hence wanting to humilitate Bruce by forcing him to watch Gotham crumble).

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