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Default A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

All the way back in the days and months following the release of Batman Begins, there was talk about how Goyer had a rough outline for a trilogy, where the Joker would be the villain of film 2 and Two Face the villain of film 3, with the Joker still playing some sort of role. After TDK, those plans obviously changed, but there were always rumors about how the death of Heath Ledger had a big impact on Nolan's initial plans for a third film. I remember hearing that a sort of Hannibal Lector type role was being eyed for the Joker. There's no way to tell just how true or false those rumors were, but after watching a few TDKR clips on YouTube, I thought of something.

Could have Nolan's idea of a TDKR with the Joker have been something like this?:

Bane is still the main villain of the film, but instead of locking up Bruce in an underground prison in the middle of nowhere, Bane puts him in a rebuilt Arkham Asylum, which has an underground component. Bruce is thrown into a psychiatric jungle after being beaten, broken, and battered, and his cellmate is none other than the Joker himself. Bane uses Arkham rather than the Pit as his holding cell for all the people he either wants tortured or eliminated. In some weird, twisted way, Bruce would have to work with the Joker in order to escape.

Now, with regard to the rest of the plot, there's no way to tell how it all would have worked out, but I can't help but think that a lot of the prison scenes in TDKR were leftovers from older ideas about what TDKR would be.

It certainly puts a whole new meaning to the ending of TDK, where the Joker says that he and Bats should share a prison cell (and interestingly enough, this only occured to me AFTER I came up with the idea above).

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