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Default Re: Your favourite TDKR scenes that you watch over and over again...

As almost everyone said, the climb out of the pit is definitely a major highlight. I also really love the first attempt a lot too. The less bombastic version of "Why Do We Fall?" is a great touch, as we see just how enormous and impossible the task ahead of Bruce is. The music fills you with hope and inspiration, only to break it all back down when Bruce fails to make the jump.

Then when he finally makes the's one of those scenes I literally have not been able to watch without getting goosebumps. When those bats come flying out...gets me every time. The ending of TDK was like that for me. Neither of these scenes lose a bit of power no matter times I watch them.

Another one I can watch over again is Bane's second scene down in the sewers. It just says so much at once. It shows you what Gotham has come to that regular Gothamites are joining this man's army, shows you how fierce and unforgiving a leader Bane is, and also just how large the scale is of whatever they're planning. It's a very foreboding scene. After just seeing Bruce limping around on a cane, the knowledge that he will eventually have to cross paths with that guy becomes an extremely unpleasant thought. And Hardy just looks straight beast in that scene.

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