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Default Re: Petitions Filed in 15 States to Leave the Union

Originally Posted by FadingCB View Post
If I didn't dislike Olbermann almost as much as Limbaugh, I'd link his response to the last election when Texas wanted to secede. Hell, I will anyway, though I feel dirty, lol. I know he's annoying, but his breakdown on why it would be bad for Texas was actually entertaining.

For those of you with Olber-intolerance, basically -

Fema alone has sent over 3.5 billion in aid to Texas alone since 2001. Other organizations sent over 1 billion for Hurricane Ike. NASA would pull out creating a 26,000 job void, and 2.5 billion in lost revenue. Move everyone out of Fort Hood costing 6 billion more. They'd lose access to several organizations like the airforce, army, navy, FDA, CDC, FBI, CIA, and Post Office. They have 4 nuclear power plants, but no where to put the waste. The US gave Texas 1 billion in Pell grants alone. The US would put up a border around Texas's northern border as well. By 2020 hispanics will out number whites, and put out a ballot initiative to have Texas join Mexico.

Basically, just out of the gate, they'd be about half a trillion in debt. Lost access to a lot of important organizations. Be fenced in, and probably eventually absorbed by Mexico. As annoying as Olbermann is, I think he painted a pretty good picture of why secession is a stupid idea. Any of the ppl pushing this now can't see past their own noses. Our population can't go without their newest Ipad's, imagine when they no longer have access to half of the things they take for granted.
Pretty much what I've been saying all along.

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