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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by TheDevilIsMe View Post
By my experience...those that speak loudest and most often to represent the OT-Only side tend to be more negative/nasty than the other side...I actually think those that happen to be mean and love the whole saga have been conditioned by the internet to attack first or be defensive from the get-go due to the abuse that PT and its fans got on a regular basis the last decade. They take it personally just like those disappointed with the PT take it personally that the films weren't up to par to them - they act as if it was a direct slap in their face.

Those that defend the PT to the point of attacking OT-Only fans most likely do so because they're expecting a horde of negativity being sent their way for their opinions - making them defensive at the drop of a hat.

The OT-Only group attacks/insults and even threaten Lucas in the comments sections/forums and love to state who the 'real fans are' (which is insulting to those that love the PT/OT), not to mention have made a career of being upset, joking, making satire, complaining and picking apart the Prequels day after day, year after year. The fact that they won't end their crusade and have RLM and other places on their side makes PT fans feel outgunned and outnumbered, thus feeling intimidated therefore making a PT-Fan apt to feel threatened and feel the need to strike first and/or be mean.

Yes, I have watched most of RLM's Star Wars reviews.

I never said OT-Only fans were mean/negative people - but I am saying the vocal ones that speak the loudest end up representing that sect of the fanbase to be generally more mean spirited than those who love the whole saga. There are plenty of great fans who only love the OT.

I do pity those that love the whole saga - Star Wars fans for years had to fend off those who bullied them/gave them hell for being a Star Wars fan and now they have to fight inside their own fanbase for their ground.
I just think then it is still just listening to one side. There are extremists on both sides. Including a guy that was very negative to many of us (Jim Raynor and his rebuttal to RLM's reviews). Many of the Podcasts, (Star Wars ones) rip on people that don't like the PT, such as one recently went into detail how they hated Simon Pegg the actor because he is a avid PT (disliker). I've rarely seen OT people say that the PT people themselves are "not" fans of Star Wars, I rarely see that. However they attack the actual films, not so much the fans. RLM really attacks the films more so then anything.

So to me your research is still skewed. Funny enough I think meh of the PT I own all of them, from DVD and Blu-Ray. So that may say something. I see more PT fans call us "non Star Wars fans" then the other way around. Many of the OT people attack George Lucas and not necessarily the fans.

To me you've made some big assumptions with how little you claim you know about all this. I do question this.

Originally Posted by Jamiestarr View Post
Do you all think the divide/debate is really about the movies though?

This stuff goes on with ALL types of fandom. At a point, it's not even about what the movies actually are.

I am sure there are countless Trekkies bickering about JJ's Star Trek Vs Original Trek vs Next Generation.

Solidus...come on. Let's make Star Wars fan club cards, and I'll put an asterisk on yours that says *Except for The Prequel Trilogy (Barf)
For a while I agree. At first TNG was not accepted, but in a few years that changed quickly. And most fell for it. With this, the gap seems to widen more. But I guess the future is unknown.

You don't have to say I hate the PT lol. I don't "Hate" them I just think they are inferior in film making. But there are aspects I enjoy. But sure, as long as I get a lightsaber with my member card lol.

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
I know they can. There have been some avid fans of various things that I have had to calm down on here.

I know. I meet some now and then.

But I wasn't speaking of the posts on message boards....I was saying that I rarely read any comments that appear after things such as youtube videos, news items, etc....When I do read some of those, the rudeness, crudeness, and just immature hooliganism (been wanting to use that word for awhile now) lowers my IQ.
Agreed. Good word BTW.

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