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One More Day... Becomes ONE LAST DAY.

I am all for Aunt May getting shot. I have nothing against her, I like her, but it's good for the story. And I'll accept Peter going all over trying to have her saved, it fits well with his character, even considering a deal with Mephisto, but I want Aunt May to have a say, because she would never allow this.

This is a strong moral woman. She would never allow Peter to do this if she knew, and it was irresponsible of MJ to agree to all of this. I think that the moment Peter and MJ begin to consider the deal, Aunt May in her hospital gown should have shown up with a woman in a dark purple cloak and shouted "STOP!"

Mephisto looked at the two women and growled, "Silence old bat!" and hurled a wave of malevolent energy at her. the hooded woman waved a negligent hand and mephisto's energy splashed across the two women like so much cigarette smoke.

"That's enough out of you, Old Scratch!" Aunt May snapped, striding past the flummoxed Mephisto. "Peter I won't allow you to do this! It is unthinkable."

"Aunt May," Peter pleaded. "It's my fault you were shot, that bullet was meant for me."

"And you think if I'd known it was coming I would have moved out of the way?" Aunt May snapped. "I am proud to take that bullet for you Peter. In everything but name and blood, you are my son. I love you."

"But," Peter began.

"I'm an old woman, Peter. Nearly all my friends have gone before me. My Benjamin has gone. I'm ready. The only regret I have is how much it will hurt poor Edwin. Tell him I'm sorry for that for me."

"But, Aunt May," Peter pleaded, tears in his eyes now.

"This is as it should be," she said, taking her nephew in her arms as she had done in his younger years. He wept into her shoulder for the last time.

"How dare you interfer in my dealings," Mephisto growled at Aunt May and the hooded woman. "I will.."

"Interfere?!" snapped the hooded woman, her voice, though soft, reverberated with power. "You say I interfere Fell-One? It is you, the Most Unclean, who trespasses in my balliwick." the woman drew back her hood and the three mortals and demon perceived the bare fleshless skull that marked the woman for what she was; Death, incarnate. "Get out, Prince of Lies, and take your underhanded deals with you. Should I find you making such deals again, I shall teach you the displeasure of one who possess TRUE power." The woman exuded an energy that seemed to fill the room eclipsing Mephisto as the Earth Eclipses the moon. She was a terrible sight to behold, bringing to mind war, plague, pestilence, and hate.

Mephisto did not cower, but he set his eyes in a glare at the Skull-faced woman and vanished.

Death turned from her chastened foe, and back to the Parkers who trembled, even Aunt May, but as she turned, the Aura shifted. It was not terrible, or fearsome. It became comforting, like the hand of an old friend... the last friend. Her aspect to them was not that of a reaper or destroyer, but that of a doctor or nurse; a functionary of life and health. "Have this night, as my gift for alerting me to that foul wretches meddling. Upon the sunrise her spirit will return to it's body briefly and then she will leave this world forever."

"Aunt May," Peter pleaded.

"Stop this," Aunt May said firmly. "You are stronger than this, and people need you to be stronger. I am so proud of you Peter, of the man you became. Knowing I had something to do with it..." She trailed off and just smiled.

"You had everything to do with it," Peter replied. His tears still flowed, but he was beginning to accept now, it was going to hurt, but he knew his Aunt... and he finally remembered her role in all of this. He felt ashamed for that weakness he'd shown.

"And you," Aunt May said, reaching out to Mary-Jane. "The happiest day in my life was watching you two make your vows, because I knew from then on he'd have someone to watch out for him. I love you like a daughter," she told Mary-Jane. "He needs your strength. He needs your love."

"I love you," Mary-Jane burst, wrapping Aunt May and Peter in a hug. "You... you accepted me, when I was still wild, when I was... lost. Aunt Anna wanted to change me, but you... you accepted me as I was, and helped me become a better woman. Thank you. I love you Aunt May."

"I know," she whispered. No one knew when Death had vanished, they weren't paying attention. Peter and Mary-Jane both cried into her shoulders and the three of them held each other through the night. In the morning Aunt May faded. And moments later, Peter received the call. Peter always remembered what Uncle Ben had said to him about Power and Responsibility. Now he was recalling something Aunt May had said during the night. "People need you to be strong." He would find the strength, he knew it was in him... Aunt May had put it there.
YES! I couldn't have put it better myself! I felt the exact same way about how it should have ended.

For mine (Though it won't be as detailed):
Avengers: The Children's Crusade.
Basically, instead of having Stature die (She was my favorite Young Avenger, and one of my favorite female heroes in general), have the heroes realize that they'd have to change the past back to the way it originally was in order to stop Doom and save the world. So, after they do so, Doom loses his power that he took from Scarlet Witch, Cassie's father is dead again (After a touching farewell between the two of them), Scarlet Witch makes herself disappear to return in some other series, and the various hero teams involved in the whole thing (Avengers, Young Avengers, and X- Men) return to their respective lives.

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