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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
I don't agree. I think Doomsday, if revised, could be good.

I'm not saying he should be the main and/or only villain of the film, but I think he could make for an, at least visually, interesting villain on film.
Yeah I could have cared less for Bane before TDKR, but I see his value as a villain now.

Plus I just think since we were close to getting a Doomsday film in the 90s it just seems like something WB would do.

I would love to see All-Star adapted for film. I'd just cut the more literary elements (samson and atlas, bizzaro world) and I think you end up with a pretty tight film that could easily be translated. Even having Lois have superpowers for a little bit would be a nice inversion of the first superman film with Superman flying her to now being Supes' equal. Plus superpowered Lex transforming Metropolis into his totalitarian state. Just think having something as simple as Superman saving the goth girl from suicide would have a big impact on the mainstreams opinion on Superman. It's such a powerful scene in the comic. Imagine if translated to a live scene.

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