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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

Originally Posted by POWdER-man View Post
She seems to accept EVERYTHING so far about Woodbury at face value. She wants this place to be the perfect life so bad she ignores the signs that have shown. She could have at least humoured Michonne about her suspicions but instead she abandons her friend, who has been close and protected her in the last 8 months, without investigating anything for people she just met. She has tunnel vision with Woodbury and the Governor, and she is so wrapped up around the Governor's love stick she ignores everything around her.

That's why she is idiotic, she doesn't question anything. Hell she knew how Merle was, how can she forget so fast.
I don't see it as idiotic. I see it as tragic. Does no one remember how devastated she was at the CDC when they realize that there was NO hope left? She wanted to die. And the one person who made her stay alive ended up dying anyway. She so desperately needed Woodbury to be the sanctuary she thought was lost that she ignores what Michonne says - which was a pathetic excuse for reasoning anyway. Yes, should could - and should - have investigated the claims made by Michonne, but that brings up back to how desperately she needed the lie of Woodbury to be true. It's only idiotic if you forget that Andrea doesn't know everything WE know.

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