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Default Re: Future TV shows from Marvel?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Alright Marvel, it's time to step it up. DC's got Flash, Gotham, Constantine, and maybe Booster Gold all coming down the pipe within the next two years. You've got Agents of SHIELD and maybe Agent Carter, but it's time to get a superhero show on TV too. Daredevil PLEASE. Like seriously, who at Marvel isn't seeing that Daredevil is perfect for TV?? Really hope we get that before Cloak and Dagger and whatever else they've got in development.
Eh, "stepping up" is usually the burden of the one playing from from behind. Marvel's in front. All those shows that DC's now rushing into production because Marvel wamboozled everyone once again with AOS are mostly unproven. While I'd like a DD series or more as much as the next fanboy, I don't want to see Marvel getting into an IP arms race with DC just because the latter is being their usual reactionary selves.

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