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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 2

Originally Posted by balanda View Post

So I'd rather see the actual comic, and see how this new, teenage, super-spy, "sexy" Loki carries himself, before criticising it as contrived and "hip".
I do not like the quotes from writer about this comic so I do not get my hopes high. It`s all sound like fan service for tumblr crowd: "big, dumb, jock of a brother Thor", "sexy Loki", "bi Loki", "redemption-but-not-redemption", "he is sooo cooool I cant call him a villain", "booty shots!", "he loves humans now just as his brother!". I give you that he is probably purposely exaggerate things and we have to look and see what come out of it but I am wary. So I am not against this as a fact I just want a somehow more subtle and elegant approach because if not next thing we will see Loki siting on Thor`s lap for real.

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