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Default Re: Is Man of Steel the 'Godfather' of Comic Book Films?

Honestly Dudes, No. I loved, loved LOVED MOS, but it's not a game-changer the
way the Godfather was. The Godfather transcends the gangster genre, hell
it changed movie-making itself.

if there was a comparison with a superhero movie, Godfather would have to be with
The Dark Knight -which was a game-changer and also transcended its genre
(as another poster pointed out a while back).

( on a different note, the book, The Godfather is just as good, if not better, it's amazing, I read it the first time when I was hospitalized for a serious illness.
That time reading the book was magic, it draws you into the story and away from the world.
BTW the Godfather book is where the expression "Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold" comes from (Wrath of Khan borrowed it).
If you haven't read it, and you're a male with an ounce of testosterone, read it,
you won't regret it. If you're a woman, you'll probably be horrified by the sexism and attitudes/treatment of women, sorry.


Mario Puzo, who also wrote the screenplay/story for......SUPERMAN THE MOVIE AND SUPERMAN II.

MOS will always be a great movie for me, and on a par with Superman the Movie, but it hasn't had the effect that Godfather had, not just in terms of reception by the public, but the Godfather changed film-making itself.

I think MOS has lofty aspirations, if anything its closest analogy is Batman Begins.
It does a very difficult task, it tries to reinvigorate Superman on the big screen, after that last piece of ****, Superman Returns. IMO it succeeded beyond my wildest expectations, but to really be compared with The Godfather, it would have to reinvigorate the whole Superhero genre for the public at large.

I watched it today, in the background, while working around the house, probably my 100th or so time seeing it, and it gets better every time.
While it did that for me, I don't think we can say it had the same public impact - well at least not if you believe the critics.

Tell you what, if Avengers was the new Star Wars (as in it was a game-changer for
superhero films) then MOS is to Avengers, what Star Trek was to Star Wars, a different direction in a similar genre - not the same genre, as Star Wars is definitely fantasy/sci-fi whereas Star Trek is sci-fi, but not that ****ing awful Star Trek the motion picture, although some critics make it sound that way. More like
Avengers was Star Wars and MOS was Wrath of Khan, well anyway, that's a stretch
but the best I can think of .

So in summary, MOS = awesomeness, but not the Godfather. Interesting comparison though.

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