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Default Re: Killzone 3

Oops. Guerrilla’s outed limited and collector’s editions for Killzone 3 on the game’s official website before pulling the info.

Contents for the limited and collector’s editions included a voucher for a map pack known as Blood and Thunder, a €10 gift card and even Helghast goggles.
Yes. Helghast goggles.

Are you planning on picking up Killzone 3 come this February but aren’t satisfied with just a standard edition of the game? Consider yourself one of the ISA’s most elite soldiers and want something more to prove your commitment to the war with the Helghast? Well you’re in luck!

On the official Killzone 3 website, a page has turned up listing three different editions of the game: standard, limited, and collector’s edition.
Though it seems the listings may have been added a little preemptively, as there aren’t any details regarding what each of the editions offer at the moment. You can view a snapshot of the site below:

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