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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Here we go again..

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

I don't care if you think Nolan's movies are the worst things ever put on celluloid. Between your constant ferocious hatred, and your blatant trolling like the petty insults thrown at Anne Hathaway in this thread, that's what sticks out about your behavior as irksome. Nobody who hates these movies as much as you claim you do spends so much time here constantly putting them down. Not unless they're trolling.
I don't hate Nolan's movies lol, I have even talked about the things that I like. The Hathaway bashing is all in good fun. Some people just need to loosen their panties a little. They act like I raped their grandmother lol.

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