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Default Re: Uncanny Plot Similarities between The Dark Knight Rises & Batman Begins (SPOILERS

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
It reminds me more of how the rejected script for Michael Bay's upcoming TMNT movie was basically Transformers with turtles instead of robots.

The difference is these two movies are IN THE SAME SERIES!

TDKR was good, but a HUGE disappointment, simply because of Nolan and Goyer's laziness (it's more Goyer's fault that Nolan's, as he did the story for all three films). It was EMBARRASSINGLY lazy when you really think about it.
Quoted for truth. The script was laced with laziness. Blake and his magic ability to deduce Batman's identity based on a look being the laziest and most stupid of them all.

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Unfortunately it was becoming formulaic. Prologue idea was great in TDK, but now its used again in TDKR. Both prologues also used the idea of having a bunch of guys masked, and then you get the big reveal that one is the main villain. I figured the film might be headed in this direction after I intially saw the prologue in the theatre.
Yup I noticed that. Bane's prologue was a copy of Joker's one. They even put in the Skyhook from the Hong Kong scene in TDK.

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
I wish I did it love as much as other's did but I simply can't.
Yup no Batman fan wants to be let down by any Batman flick. But Rises was an epic failure to moi.

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
It was still a good film, and sure it wrapped the LOS thing up in a nice little bow. But the story was poorly written, as an individual film (I look first at the whole idea of Bane having a bomb drive around the city for months while Bruce recovered) and considering the saga (the similarities in story-telling and events from Batman Begins).
LOS didn't even need any wrapping up. Begins left diddly squat to tie up with them. The only things Begins left dangling was Crane on the loose and the Joker card, and TDK dealt with both of 'em.

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
Not exactly.

Bane and Catwoman have different goals than Ra's/Scarecrow (but not Talia).

The Gothamites are fully in control of their actions. Not under a drug's influence.

Batman is a leader moreso than a mysterious creature in the shadows.

Nuke to keep the govt. out and create a plausible No Man's Land scenario vs microwave emitter to spread Fear Gas.

No crime bosses strangling Gotham.
Bane was fulfilling Ra's work. How is that different to Talia? Catwoman wasn't a villain.

It's still Gothamites going berserk because of the villain.

Batman was a leader for like a minute and a half.

The Nuke was just a drawn out plot device so Brucie could heal himself and train and come back. Plot filler where nothing happened in it except some under cover Cops get killed and a few rich people get dropped in the ice. Yawn.

Daggett was just rich glorified version of Falcone and Maroni. A corrupt guy in a suit being used by the LOS. Same plot device.

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