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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 4

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Floyd would weigh in on fight night without cutting or cutting like 3 pounds. So, I think size was an issue, especially with a guys like Canelo or Oscar. You saw it with Manny as well.

Though yes, Floyd did become more calculated as he lost some athleticism and was more concerned with not being hit.
He had to be, when you go up weight classes you must tweek your game. Even if his hands hadn't become an issue, you can't go up or down in weight classes & literally expect the same thing. Different weight classes have different qualities IMO.

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
I think there is a fundamental difference. What Floyd does transfers to MMA way better then what Conor does to boxing. Conor got rocked by pillow shots from a Diaz brother, twice. I am confident in saying that every top 10 fighter from 126 and up hits harder then anything Connor has ever been hit by in an MMA fight.
Hypothetically though how do you feel what Floyd does in a boxing ring would transfer into MMA anymore than what Conor does in MMA (Striking) transferring to a boxing ring?

I personally don't think beyond a fairly basic level of striking the 2 transfer well at all into each others arena, not without significant change & adaptation starting at something as fairly basic as their stance.

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
So If Conor shot, and Floyd uppercuted him, he'd be out. If Conor tried to stay on the outside trying to kick, he'd run the risk of Floyd putting a straight right through his face before Conor got the advantage.

If Conor got him down, it would be over. But Conor would have to get him down, and Floyd isn't some over the hill guy who can't move. Floyd can still move. If Conor shot and Floyd avoided it and Conor's head was exposed on the mat to Floyd's punches? Done.
What you've described is basically a punchers chance, it's the same sort of chance James Toney had when he fought Randy Couture.

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