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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I think the Old English dialect and accent makes a certain sort of sense. If Asgardians first arrived on Earth in Northern Europe, their speech would've most definitely heavily influenced any language the humans were already using. As English is a Western Germanic language, and they landed in Norway this is fitting. Odin came to earth speaking old english (which of course Asgardians may simply call Asgardian language) and the ancient Norwegian language may have taken some influence in such a way as to evolve into Old English and eventually modern English. Where of course, Asgardians language would have been far older and more developed so they wouldn't have evolved nearly so drastically.

Just a small point I took into account because it could be considered strange that the extraterrestrials in the MCU (Asgardians, Jotuns, The Other/Thanos) speak English. But I feel like this brings a little more possibility into the mix for those who are bothered by that. If I am missing something from the comics/etc. please let me know. I enjoy this type of stuff.
Just to pick a nit: English, as you say, comes in part from a West Germanic language (namely, Old English). Old Norse is a Northern Germanic language. Old English was influenced by Old Norse due to Viking invasions. Old Norse evolved into the modern Scandinavian languages (Icelandic is the closest to Old Norse), and Old English of course evolved into Middle and then Modern English, picking up a lot of French via the Norman Invasion (who were themselves descendents of Vikings (just sayin')).

And of course, all these languages had many dialects. So there's not "one" Old English or Old Norse, etc.

I was going to assert that the Asgardian language would more likely be closer to Old Norse, given the landing at Toensberg depicted at the beginning of Thor1. But Vikings had had contact with the British Isles prior to 965 CE. So maybe you could say there were earlier contacts with the Asgardians, in which case it could have been either in Scandinavia or elsewhere.

BTW, in the Thor1 script on line is this exchange:
So, how can you speak our language?
Your language? Ha! Silly girl, you're speaking ours.

A while back someone (maybe not on this forum) asserted that people from Australia tend to do poor British accents and pointed to Hemsworth as an example. My thought when I read that was that one could instead think of him doing an Asgardian accent

Thanks for posting this. I enjoy this kind of stuff too!

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