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Default Re: Paul Giamatti IS Rhino

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
He could have been really great, that's for sure, imo. And his size as Eddie never bothered me as much as his size when he became Venom. I felt the symbiote should've made him look bigger, not just because of Eddie's own physique. It would add so much to the anger that the symbiote now possesses.

Many could have done the same with Thomas Haden Church...and look what kind of Flint Marko we got, lol.

We haven't seen him do this as of yet with anyone, so it's really only speculating.

Did not. It sounded like you believed Electro, powers and all, would still help Spidey and only slowly turn his back on him. I wouldn't mind that myself, though, but it won't be the way in TAS-M 2.

****, I REALLY like that idea, lol.

I'll be honest, it is something very new and we'll just see how it is when the film is released. It might be something refreshing, but it also may raise questions as to why Webb's Spidey is wanting people on the streets to help him out. He saw what happens when he had the help of a police captain, so why risk the lives of more people?
Maybe it could be Oscorp and not the streets, or maybe Max already lives in that dangerous sort of lifestyle.

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