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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by green View Post
Trying not to get excited about Phoenix taking the role, I just can't imagine him doing it. But then I wouldn't have guessed Affleck would do it either...
That's the tricky part. Not showing the excitement as a fan because there could be that slight letdown but in my own head, Phoenix is practically the perfect Lex Luthor in how I picture him and what he is capable of pulling off. Plus, his look is superb and is the best look out there for Lex if you're just judging on that alone and then you add in his talent and it's just a perfect casting. That said, We've been talking about Lex for a long time now. It's getting close so I think no matter who it is, we're on the edge of our seats here.

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