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Default What are your top three scenes/sequences from Man of Steel?

Having seen the film like a 100 times I think I have a pretty good handle on my top three choices. Not doing them in order of how I like them but order they appear in the film.

First Flight

Of all the first flight scenes in Superman movies (and Supergirl) this one is the best. It's just superb, from the failed attempt (with Jor El's speech throughout) right to Superman booming across the ocean, through the dessert etc. But what sells it is Henry Cavill, the moments where he has a huge grin on his face are great, he really sells the fun that he is having experiencing flight. It's played very much like learning to ride a bike, once you get going you can do it.

Escape From Black Zero

Right from the moment Lois and Superman enter the ship that takes them to the Black Zero, to the 'mind/dream' scene with Zod to Jor El guiding Lois to her escape and finally to Superman speaking with Jor El about the codex and taking off to save Lois. The music in this scene is amazing aswell (why wasn't it on the soundtrack?). It really captured that Sci-Fi feel, reminded me of something you'd have gotten in the Terminator (1984) or the Thing (1982).

This sequence also includes my favourite 'Superman' moment in the whole film. The look he gives Jax Ur is awesome.

The Battle of Smallville

I would rate this sequence as the single greatest action sequence in a comic book movie ever (maybe even cinema for me). It's epic, exhilarating and it looks phenomenal. We have seen some brilliant superhero vs super villain battles on screen in the years since but none of them hold a candle to this one.

So those are my three, the whole Planet Krypton sequence at the start of the movie and Superman vs the World Engine are are also amazing sequences but they were just ousted by the three above.

What are your top three?

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