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Default Re: What are your top three scenes/sequences from Man of Steel?

Superman vs the World Engine is #1 for me. First off great fight, great effects, great visuals and the score especially helps. I love how it builds up in analog to the scene with Perry & Jenny, the scene is synonymous with hope. And for a moment Cavill looks like Reeves. I actually get quite emotional during that scene and shed a tear or two.

Superman at the oil rig. Partly because of the music, but to have him just off in a hurry to save these people and no questions asked is very Superman. Seeing him on fire was great, but I liked most seeing a Superman struggle to hold up the rig. Was great to see our hero push through so much to save these people.

Smallville Battle, best action/fight scene in CBM for me, Avengers eat your heart out. And I LOVE Faora in this movie.

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