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Default Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Stand by Jee-woon Kim (Bittersweet Life)?!

Exclusive: Rodrigo Santoro in talks to join THE LAST STAND!

Rodrigo Santoro, best known for his role as Xerses in 300 is in talks to join Arnold Schrwarzenegger's comeback vehicle THE LAST STAND.

The Last Stand is about a Drug Cartel leader who busts out of a courthouse and speeds toward the Mexican border----and the only thing standing in his path is a sheriff and his rookie staff.

Santoro's role would be FRANK MARTINEZ one of the cops on the rookie staff.

According to a casting breakdown, Frank Martinez is described as Latino, 20s - 30s. An outgoing, laid-back, and personable man who also works as a police officer in Sommerton Junction under Sheriff Ray Owens. He is reliable but likes to occasionally cut loose and party when he has the chance. Frank is good buddies with his fellow officer Jerry. The two of them enjoy hunting together on weekends. Frank soon encounters the worst problem his town has ever had when violent gangs with ties to a drug cartel begin rampaging through the town.

Scheduled to go into production next month, the script was written by Andrew Knauer and Jeffrey Nachmanoff, with current revisions being done by George Nolfi.

It will be directed by Jee-woon Kim.

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