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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
.......but thats who Wolverine is though. You basically don't like Wolverine then. I think there are plenty of people who could play the real Wolverine but its another to have some attempt to play Jackmans Wolverine(because its Jackmans).
^^Amen! As I stated in my thread Why The Wolverine won't Hunt , a defining characteristic of Wolverine is his struggle with the beast inside him. He is a killer fighting what is in his nature to do. It is why he is a loner, it compels him to seek redemption for the terrible things he's done and it motivates him to go to Japan to learn control.

Jackman's Wolverine isn't driven by this conflict and does not capture the essence of the character. The character Jackman portrays might as well be Captain America with claws. He's noble, heroic and a little boring.

I enjoyed Xmen1 & 2. In United we got a glimpse of how vicious he could be but then we got the **** storm of Last Stand and Origins (which completely neutered the character.)

I like Hugh Jackman and appreciate what he did with the character the way he was written. But that character IMHO is not Wolverine.

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