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Default The Best-Laid Plans......

Y'all know me; when it comes to the RPGs, I've always been a really plot-driven guy. I get big ideas for storylines to write out, then plan them in near obsessive detail, and if I'm really really lucky, I actually get to play them out.

Unfortunately, the nature of the games isn't particularly kind on a lot of long-term plans. Sometimes a new player will come along and pick up a character who was integral to what you were wanting to do. Sometimes you reach a snarl in continuity and the story doesn't make sense in relation to what's already happened. Sometimes real life issues get in the way and you miss your window of opportunity. Sometimes the whole game just dies out before you get the chance.

With that in mind, I'm making this thread as a tribute to all the great "what might have beens," all the ideas for stories and arcs that for whatever reason never happened. Lord knows I've got a ton of them myself, but I'd love to hear if any of you guys have some good ones that got left on the cutting room floor.

I'll kick things off with one of my favorite could-have-beens:

Heroes vs Villains: The Last Days of Norman Osborn

If y'all remember, when I picked up Osborn in the HvV RPG, he had resurrected Harry and framed him for being the Green Goblin all along, while also forging a new identity for himself as the Iron Patriot. By rounding up major villains like Magneto and Doc Ock and running off Doctor Doom, the Patriot worked his way into SHIELD, and after a massive attack on the Helicarrier (supposedly by Latverian terrorists in response for defeating Doom), Osborn eventually becomes Director, rechristening the organization as HAMMER.

Picking up from there, Osborn hires various celebrities to start doing pro-HAMMER propaganda ads, in order to put a friendly face on their activities. Among them is Mary Jane Watson (who had left Peter after his last encounter with the Goblin), being held against her will and forced into doing these ads specifically to provoke Spider-Man. To further bait Peter into a confrontation, Osborn stages an assassination attempt, framing Black Cat for the crime, and sentencing her to be executed.

Spider-Man rescues Felicia and confronts Osborn, who unveils his 'problem solver' who had been silencing dissenting voices within SHIELD: an assassin who appears to be a young girl with reddish-brown hair. Norman reveals that the girl is none other than May 'Mayday' Parker, Peter and MJ's daughter who they believed to have been stillborn way back during the Clone Saga. Osborn had abducted the child, genetically accelerated her growth, and raised her in secret to be a loyal killer for him. Peter is unable to fight his own daughter, and flees with Felicia, leaving MJ still in Osborn's clutches and HAMMER pursuing him as an enemy of the state.

Meanwhile, all of the supervillains captured by the Patriot begin to formulate a jailbreak, led by an unlikely alliance between Harry Osborn (still believing that he was the Green Goblin all along) and Doctor Octopus (who had been a partner of Norman before he turned on him). The villains break out, and lead an assault on the Helicarrier, resulting in a three-way battle between the villains, the HAMMER forces, and the Avengers who rally behind Spider-Man to take down Osborn once and for all.

While the battle rages, Spider-Man infiltrates the Helicarrier once more to rescue his estranged wife. He's confronted by Mayday once again, whose body is deteriorating due to her accelerated growth. Peter is able to finally get through to his daughter, explaining what happened and what Osborn had done to her, and she agrees to help him free Mary Jane. Together they fight through the HAMMER forces, Mayday growing weaker and more frail as they go, until they reach her cell. Mayday uses the last of her strength to force the door open, and dies in her parents' arms.

Outside, Harry and Octavius' villains critically damage the Helicarrier, before being confronted by the Iron Patriot. The Patriot makes quick work of both of the villains, but as he is about to finish them off, Harry crashes into him with the Goblin Glider and a full satchel of Pumpkin Bombs primed to explode. Harry is killed in the explosion, but the Iron Patriot is destroyed as well.....revealing it to be an automated drone.

Back inside the crashing Helicarrier, Spider-Man confronts the real Norman Osborn, who attacks him in his full Green Goblin regalia. The two have a pitched and brutal battle, until the carrier crashes into the ground. In the rubble, Spider-Man presses the attack and utterly defeats Osborn.

The remnants of SHIELD, taken back into command by Nick Fury, arrest Osborn, charging him for every criminal act the Green Goblin has ever committed. As they're reading him the list of charges, though, a shot rings out, the bullet hitting Norman between the eyes. Osborn takes two more shots through the heart, and falls dead. Spider-Man and the other heroes look on in horror as SHIELD has no choice but to arrest Osborn's killer, Mary Jane.

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