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Default Re: The Best-Laid Plans......

Back in the first Marvel RPG, I played Kasper Cole in season six and seven. He was my favourite to play of all my characters, playing him the longest alongside Cris Allen. While writing, I kept a text file with all my plans in shorthand. Unfortunately, the game stalled halfway through season seven.

Season VI:
"Everybody Loves Kasper"
-> Introduction to cast
Prologue: Gwen (girlfriend), Ruth (mom) and Jack (son)
Part I: Josiah X (Justice)
Part II: Hunter (White Wolf)
Part III: "Black Jack" Cole
Part IV: Danny Vincent (Junta)
Part V: The Precinct
Conclusion: Jack (son)

"According to Kasper"
-> Marvel Knights
Prologue: The Tipper
Part I: MS13/Latin Kings
Part II-IX: Luke Cage
Part X-XVIII: Cage, Moon Knight and Daredevil
Conclusion: Home

Season VII:
"Kasper Meets World"
Prologue: Kasper Cole in high school
Part I-VI: Daredevil/Bushwacker
Part VII-XIII: Captain America/Agent 13/Bloodshed
Interlude: The other White Tigers
Part XIV: Coming home, Gwen/Ruth/Jack
Part XV-XIX: Echo/Elektra
Part XX-XXIV: Zombie-attack/Cannonball and the other heroes
Part XXV-XXXVIII: Echo/Daredevil/Kingpin/Japan (1)
Interlude II: Angela Del Toro discovers Kasper's missing
Part XXXIX-XXXX?: Echo/Daredevil/Kingpin/Japan (2)
Conclusion: Kasper finds his apartment inhabitated by others
Epilogue: Convo with Josiah/Ruth/Gwen/Sal Anthony
Epilogue 2: Convo with Kingpin - pictures of meeting are taken
Epilogue 3: Kasper meets Peter Parker at night shop - 'with great power...'

--Status quo after "Kasper Meets World"--
- Gwen, Jack and Ruth live with Josiah.
- Kasper lives in a one-room-apartment.
- Kasper is suspended from the police force. Internal Affairs Detective Franklin "Delay" De Laguardia 'saves' him.
- Kasper contemplates discarding WT identity

"Kasper and the Man"
Prologue: Killmonger, Black Panther/T'Challa, White Wolf/Hunter, 66 Bridges
-> Set-up to "The Double Life of Kasper Cole"
Part I: 'White Tiger No More!'
Part II: Kasper visits Black Jack
Part III: Gwen's parents come to visit, they accept Gwen again
Part IV: Hatut Zeraze attack White Tiger - Hunter has disappeared/is dead
Part V: Introduce Vin Gonzales and Carlie Cooper as Kasper delves in Hunter case
Interlude III: Angela Del Toro keeping an eye on Kasper
Part VI: 66 Bridges attack
Conclusion: Final stand-off with Black Jack, Kasper lets his father escape

--Status quo after "Kasper and the Man"--
- Gwen, Jack and Ruth live with Kasper again.
- Kasper is back on the beat.
- Black Jack has escaped from jail.
- Kasper becomes the White Tiger even more often.

"The Double Life of Kasper Cole"
-> Everything comes crashing down
-> Series of events destroy Kasper's life systematically
-> Unclear who is behind it
-> Either Killmonger, White Wolf or Black Panther (last one just a thought of Kasper's in "Everybody Hates Kasper")
-> Fired from the police force -> framejob or clever manipulation?
-> Gwen and Jack move out to Gwen's parents
-> His apartment is destroyed by Bloodshed, who now knows of Kasper's secret identity
-> His mother is brought to a hospital
-> Kasper returns to the apartment, where he finds Bloodshed
-> Bloodshed beats Kasper Cole to near death
-> Defeated and broken, Kasper has a convo with 'ghost' Hunter/White Wolf
Conclusion: Kasper finally turns to T'Challa, who tells him he can no longer be the White Tiger.

--Status quo after "The Double Life of Kasper Cole"--
- Gwen and Jack have left to live with Gwen's parents.
- Kasper is fired from the force.
- Kasper is stripped of the White Tiger mantle, by T'Challa and the Wakandan elders.
- Kasper essentially has no one and nothing left but his mother.

"Everybody Hates Kasper"
-> Pick-up where we left off: T'Challa stripping Kasper of the mantle
-> T'Challa refuses to help, Kasper leaves angrily
Part ??: Convo with Junta over phone about what it means to lose White Tiger mantle
-> Junta can't help him
-> Kasper Cole unearths the conspiracy and defeats his opponents
-> Does so with the use of a public library computer, no Wakandan gadgets
-> It is Kasper Cole, not the White Tiger, that saves the day
Conclusion: T'Challa gives Kasper his White Tiger title back, Kasper tells his family about his superhero identity

Season VIII - two/three months later:
-> Kasper lives with Ruth, Gwen and Jack in a spacious apartment.
-> Kasper is studying IT.

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