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Default Re: The Best-Laid Plans......

World of Heroes DC RPG

Catman_prb and I had contrived this plotline for Rose and Tim that we wound up not finishing because I left the RPGs.

Rose was pregnant with Tim's baby at the time. Tim was also cheating with Spoiler, which Rose would come to discover and grow bitter over. We had intended on having Rose lose the baby in an accident, and blame Tim. She was to then leave and go into her own exile as she meditated on her bitterness only to be recruited by the Suicide Squad. The Squad would've been comprised of all Titans enemies and, led by Rose, the Squad would've assaulted the Titans at their tower.

During the conflict, Rose and Tim would have it out as they battled. When Tim realized how much he hurt Rose, he drops his guard and Rose comes up behind him as she stabs her sword upwards through his rib cage and out through his chest saying, "Now you know what it's like to be stabbed in the back."

Having accomplished her goal in getting revenge on Tim, she would stand down and the Titans would gain victory over the assault by the Squad. Tim would later recover in the hospital, meanwhile Rose would be committed to Arkham Asylum.

Months later, Tim would visit Rose in the Asylum with a child - their child. Tim tells her that she never lost the child because Tim was able to save him. He didn't know at the time if the child would live, so he didn't want to tell her anything that could give her false hope. Tim then tells Rose he hopes she'll get to meet their child one day when she's better.

Tim then tells the boy, "Come on, Terry, you'll see mommy again someday."

Their kid's name was an obvious nod at Terry McGuiness. We even planned on doing an arc with a possible future where their son was Batman Beyond.

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