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Default Re: The Best-Laid Plans......

Back when I was toying with the idea of rejoining World of Heroes, I had the idea that the Parasite had replaced Superman at some point and was infiltrating the Justice League for some purpose that I hadn't come up with (maybe it was just to be a jerk). I think Andy was playing Supes at the time, so I might've discussed this with him at some point. It was going to be building for a long time, with Superman's behavior slowly slipping into the supervillain category over the course of maybe an entire season or two. Very gradual buildup. The League eventually confronts Clark and a fight breaks out and the team starts to conspicuously get weaker and weaker as it progresses, until Superman suddenly shapeshifts into the form of the Parasite. No ending planned for how he would eventually get defeated. It would've been Superman's player filling the role of the character until the moment of the reveal, when I jump into the driver's seat in what I had hoped would be a big surprise to the other players as much as it would be for their characters.

Anyway, the real struggling point for me on this was trying to come up with a motivation for Rudy. When I left off with the character, he had reached a realization of how pointless his life as a supervillain had been. And he had recently gone through an arc with his baby daughter where he discovered how dangerous and horrible he'd be even when trying not to be a villain, where his murderous nature would inevitably come though.

There was just no reason for him to start picking another fight with Superman or any other hero at that time. So I ditched those plans, although shades of that storyarc were present in the UDC season finale of Dr. Destiny controlling Superman and a fight breaking out with the League.

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